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PB Gas-0.8 %
12th of January 2019 , Best AML Software on Stock

Today is the day public offer of the new company in our stock. AML Software is providing great AML and CTF Software as Services

SharesFutures/OptionsFundsLast transactions
Global Bank1,041,756,285.690.7%ChartHistory
GUS Bank207.080.6%ChartHistory
PayBill Bank6,588.770%ChartHistory
Mason Invest Bank2,275.270.05%ChartHistory
Top Management Bank8,334,838,964,159,025,152.00-1%ChartHistory
Luxury Bank466,421,131,989,263.810%ChartHistory
Safe house Bank129.281%ChartHistory
IT & Telecommunications
ASSE Computers4.14-0.48%ChartHistory
SYNTEO IT Development160,759.070.4%ChartHistory
SpySat technologies7,918,086,302,365,387.00-1.2%ChartHistory
Taplic Ltd419.860.2%ChartHistory
Free CCTV648.93-0.6%ChartHistory
Biber Techologies320,469.530.3%ChartHistory
Anvestor Consulting52,214.050%ChartHistory
SpySat PRO Tech880,569,911.980%ChartHistory
Big Bang Ltd906,216.571%ChartHistory
PB Gas57,864.16-0.8%ChartHistory
OilPower Ltd35,741,923,692.76-0.7%ChartHistory
Power Plants Ltd14,092.140.2%ChartHistory
Bronix corp6.840%ChartHistory
PutIn Energy Transit292,760.070.9%ChartHistory
Food industry
Kubic & Kubic Restaturant91,822,122,783,612,304.00-0.6%ChartHistory
Doggy Foods Co20.78-1%ChartHistory
Media & Entertaiment
TV Bones2,974,757,288,213,236,678,656.000.8%ChartHistory
Taplic Media Group155,215,055.49-0.4%ChartHistory
Productivity Media27.03-0.81%ChartHistory

Financial data provided thanks to: http://financial.rating-review.eu

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