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29th of March 2012 , 50% TAX for the richest

Today Supervision of banks and the Treasury has decided to impose 50% tax for the wealthiest citizens, that is, those whose cash balance exceeds 100 million USD. Tax will be charged in each 24 hours



Anvestor is a virtual economy game that has a real market mechanisms implemented. Each player individual business decision has a direct influence to whole market.

In this game you can perform many business activities like:


1) Trading on virtual stock exchange

2) Buying and selling real estates from all over the world

3) Participate in joint-ventures enterprises

4) Create and lead your own company


This game has many real-life economy mechanisms and laws implemented so it could be very common in learning economy science.



Game objectives

The main objective of the game like any other business is to make money. Each  player starts with same captial which is 5000 USD in cash and he's totally free in his decisions.

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