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12th of January 2019 , Best AML Software on Stock

Today is the day public offer of the new company in our stock. AML Software is providing great AML and CTF Software as Services

House in Chandigarh

astefully built, Triple stored fully marbled one Kanal ie. 447 sq meters bungalow placed in posh locality in Panchkula (Near Chandigarh), INDIA. The bungalow is in sun wind direction and is built as per VASTU SHASTRA. ===================== Ground floor* ===================== Drawing hall with living room. Three bed rooms with store. Three both rooms with ultra modern fittings. One store with kitchen with 36 cupboards. Open sky area. One office room. One drawing room fitted with beautiful terracotta tiles. One elegant staircase an ornamental gala with fa-bu black sheet. One front lawn with a spacious drive and facility facing 10 feet high iron gate. Lush green lawns with a fountain installed beautiful parabola fixed with elegant lights in it. Front and back boundary walls fixed with fabulous foot lights. Veranda having a beautiful parabola with utility for the servant. ===================== First floor* ===================== Two bed rooms along with master bed room with a drawing room. Three bed rooms with one spacious drawing cum dining room. One kitchen provision for modern amenities. Bath room at the back and open space in front along with a beautiful parabola . One balcony view sky view facing east. ===================== Second floor* ===================== Two bed rooms with one spacious backyard

Price : 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.00 USD Buy now

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squatch499,999,999,999,999,974,693,567,648,537,009,433,481,822,505,506,705,036,541,952.00 USD

Previous transaction on this property:
Date of transactionTransaction Price
2010-12-11 20:49:3810,000,000,000,000.00 USD
2010-12-08 16:06:28780,000.00 USD
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